Michael Collins

authorMICHAEL COLLINS was born in Nashville, TN and is currently serving a 10 year federal prison sentence for a non-violent drug offense. Three Strikes: One Life’s Trilogy will be published in January, 2016.  His previous works include the novels Hamster Wheel Manifesto and Graded Expectations, as well as numerous poems and short stories. He is read across the world and is the winner of Ireland’s prestigious Listowel Writers Week Festival.

The author plans to relocate to the Pacific Northwest after his release in 2017. When not writing, his freedom will be spent contributing to prison reform and seeking alternative sentences for drug users.

For more information visit and search for inmate #32223-074. Correspondence welcome.

Richard Blahut

RICHARD BLAHUT is the author of numerous poems and short stories, including “Poor Georgie” and “Mind at Large.” He is also a blues-based lyricist and composer; many of his songs, including “Blue-Collar Draft Beer,” play a role in Undersong, his debut novel.

A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, he lives in the Printers Row neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

Pamela Marberry

pammBorn and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of Central California. Pam has always had a vivid imagination. She has been interested in the supernatural and the sexual content of a good book– so she combined the two in Circle of Lust — from the shocking to the totally unacceptable. Pam lives with her husband in Porterville, California.

Jack Wilson

SentBack_Kindle_img_1Sent Back

Currently living in Virginia, Jack Wilson is Professor Emeritus of English at Old Dominion University. He has taught American Literature in Morocco and in Spain as a Fulbright Lecturer.

His major interests are exploring ideological systems, writing and European travel, preferably in Spain and the French Pyrenees.

Barry Vass

FreeMoney_kindle_img_1Free Money

Barry Vass was born and raised in Ontario, California. He was educated at Cal-Poly, Pomona and U-Hawaii, Manoa. For the past 27 years he worked in various Las Vegas casinos dealing blackjack, roulette, Pai Gow, baccarat, Carribbean Stud, 3-card poker, and as a floorman. He currently resides in Lancaster, Ohio.

His third novel, the sequel to Free Money, is called Another Day In Paradise and will be released in August of this year by Whiskey Creek Press.

His forth novel, Portals, is a sci-fi thriller with illustrations by Alexandra Nys of Australia. It is scheduled for release in January, 2013.

Edith M. Baer

edithbaerTossed by the Wind

Edith M. Baer received her Masters Degree from Hunter College in New York and worked as an elementary school teacher and reading specialist.

In her spare time she enjoys poetry, classical music, art, archaeology, spiritual healing, bird watching, and love of nature. She lives in Maryland with her husband Robert.

Michael Britton

britton - CopyDriving on the Wrong Side of the Road

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Michael Britton trained as a Mechanical Engineer and worked inthe exciting field of cement manufacture before being uprooted and relocated to the United States in1996 by his employer.

He lives in Birmingham, Alabama, married to Southern Belle, Pamela, and works in the equally excitingbusiness of quicklime manufacture. Michael has had several technical articles published in cement trademagazines and enjoys anything to do with aviation, walking in the woods, and listening to teenager’s rock music.

Dale Sackett

sackett - CopySearching For Infinity

As an aged professional, Dale has an inquisitive mind which has been obsessed with the meaning of life and our place in the universe. After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a doctorate degree, he has been wandering in the mountains of Wyoming for thirty years contemplating the great questions.

To some, this may seem like chasing rainbows, but to this author, it was the challenge of a lifetime. Spiritual concepts were closely examined in the glaring light of scientific knowledge, and basic, common-sense conclusions were