Hamster Wheel Manifesto

by Michael Collins

A dozen years of higher education have left Eric McCormick content with mediocrity, possessing no ambition beyond peddling high grade marijuana and nodding out on his couch.  Life grows jealous of his non-participation and employs cannibalistic bacteria and judo chopping federal agents to attack his heart, Eric dodges the blow with help from Oxycontins, prosciutto, and big city heroin, but the move proves too much for his patched heart.

This debut novel — based on true events and written from inside a United States Penitentiary — brings the consequences of heroin addiction from the unseen shadows of college campuses into the leisurely shade of an afternoon read.

Kindle Edition –  $3.50

ISBN – – 978-1-935607-11-3



by Richard Blahut

Steve is a world-renowned rock musician with a complicated past who struggles with personal demons and addictions. During the rise of his bands, Ripe and The Deep Six, he and his bandmates undergo many trials and transformations.

Through a series of events and setbacks, including many examined from the vantage point of memory, Steve becomes enlightened and overcomes his troubled circumstances. Still, his life takes complicated and unexpected turns. Dealing with tragedy, drug and alcohol abuse, and the unpredictable characters in Steve’s life, Undersong is a series of ebbing and flowing rock-and-roll episodes.

Kindle-iconKindle Edition –  $3.50

ISBN – – 978-1-935607-12-0

Circle of Lust

by Pamela Marberry

Elizabeth fell in love instantly with the blond, beautiful specimen of a man. That is when her horrors began, she just didn’t know it yet. This is a book of lust, hate, horror and evil. Obsession, madness and drugs play a big part of the story not to mention sex and depravity. Elizabeth can not escape, there is no way out of this hell pit. Ride this emotional roller coaster to see how she survives.

ISBN – 978-1-935607-09-0

Kindle-iconKindle Edition – $3.50

The Dreams of Trees


by Nescher Pyscher

Ghosts, magic, mysticism, science, religion, and the connections that tie us, one to the other; The Dreams of Trees touches on each one individually and sprays graphic truths all over hardened perceptions. The Dreams of Trees is about the many ways humanity has failed itself and the road to redemption, personal and collective. Thirteen short stories, designed to skew misperception and explore the limits of the human experience.

The Dreams of Trees covers a wide spectrum of reader likes in the vein of Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis and Douglas Adams. Fantasy readers, lovers of folklore, mythology, science fiction, Christian fiction or those looking for something a little different will all find something to like in The Dreams of Trees. From ghost stories to bad jokes, The Dreams of Trees tries to scold humanity, to explain its redemption, and finally to forgive it.

ISBN – 978-1-935607-08-3

Kindle-iconKindle Edition – $3.50

Sent Back


sbby Jack Wilson

The raptures of a Christian minister and a pretty, young wife occur within a month of each other in a small southern Illinois town.  The minister’s congregation is stunned, and none more so than George Brinnon, whose wife Emily was one of the taken.  Suspecting foul play, the sheriff investigates, while George, confident that his deity will reveal all, sets off on a quest to discover why he is not in heaven with his Emily.  His quest leads him to a battle between good and evil that uncovers whatever revelation is available to us.

ISBN – 978-0-9799495-6-2    $12.95

Kindle-iconKindle Edition – $3.50

Tossed By The Wind

by Edith Baer

After the Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938, nearly 10,000 Jewish children were sent abroad without their parents, to escape Nazi Germany.  Edith M. Baer was one of these children.

In England Edith lived with a mismatched couple, ill prepared to fill the gaping chasm left by the bereft child’s loss of family, home, and native language. Malaise and loneliness engulf her. A Disney character bouncing out of the child’s book becomes her cherished companion.

In her effort to take Edith to America to unite with her parents, her aunt Erna must battle every hurdle and obstacle a bureaucracy can toss her way.

ISBN – 978-0-9799495-8-6    $12.95

Kindle-iconKindle Edition – $3.50

Free Money

by Barry Vass

Jimmy Spencer, a Floorman at a major Las Vegas casino, receives a phone call from an old friend about a sure-fire gambling system he’s developed called “Free Money.”

After a quick visit and tutoring from his friend, Jimmy returns to Vegas and begins dabbling in the Free Money System.

And he wins. Hundreds of dollars at first, then thousands, then tens of thousands. The potential for vast amounts of “Free Money” seems palpable.

But nothing is ever free. As he wins more and more money, Jimmy feels himself being stalked by various underworld thugs and terrorists.  His old friend ends up dead.

Surrounded by FBI agents and ultimately pressured to go into the Witness Protection Program, Jimmy realizes that he has to find a way out of the system.

And the chase is on…

ISBN – 978-09799495-7-9         $12.95

Kindle-iconKindle Edition – $3.50

Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

by Michael Britton

A humorous look at the many cultural, social and linguistic contrasts between the author’s native United Kingdom and his adoptive home, the United States. Using personal anecdotes, and even attempting to enlighten with some facts and figures along the way, the author finds humor in many of the everyday differences between these two sibling societies. Covering everything from house-building to a visit to the doctor, and commenting on subjects from America’s gun culture to the UK’s drink culture, the book touches on numerous aspects of life on either side of the pond.

ISBN – 978-0-9799495-0-0      $12.95

Kindle-iconKindle Edition – $3.50

An American Life

by Robert Swain

Accompany the author as he leaves the small Indiana hamlet to face the world with an adventurous optimism…and finds himself arrested and held in jail for three days without being charged.

Still optimistic he travels the US and falls in love with many girls–who ignore him.

Walk with him across Wyoming without food and water for more than three days!

Go with him into war and see him win three battle stars helping to make the world safe against Hitler.

Enjoy these and many other adventures, relive his amusing and interesting American Life.

ISBN 978-0-9799495-3-1       $12.95

Kindle-iconKindle Edition $3.50

DECLASSIFIED: The Colombian Platinum Intrigues

by Tom M. Allen 

This is the untold story about the mini-war waged by the Allies in WWII, to prevent the Axis from acquiring platinum. Colombian platinum, with its high-percentage of iridium was the most sought after metal in the German war effort.

Allied powers created the Bureau of Economic Warfare (BEW) to thwart the Axis. This book is not about any one man or one agency, but the combined efforts to interdict the flow of platinum from Colombia.

Kindle-iconISBN  978-0-9799495-4-8    $12.95


Searching For Infinity

by Dale Sackett 

A layman’s guide to understanding the Universe! For a concise, down-to-earth summary of the infinite scheme of the universe and a possible explanation of the meaning of life, you may wish to consult your local preacher. But if you are somewhat skeptical of his answers, you may be interested in what Sackett has figured out. Please keep in mind that nobody has the ultimate answers. However, there are many clues that we can work with…

ISBN 978-0-9799495-1-7