Circle of Lust

by Pamela Marberry

Elizabeth fell in love instantly with the blond, beautiful specimen of a man. That is when her horrors began, she just didn’t know it yet. This is a book of lust, hate, horror and evil. Obsession, madness and drugs play a big part of the story not to mention sex and depravity. Elizabeth can not escape, there is no way out of this hell pit. Ride this emotional roller coaster to see how she survives.

ISBN – 978-1-935607-09-0

Kindle-iconKindle Edition – $3.50

Comments (3)

  1. susan boyd

    Sounds very interesting, can it be downloaded to my pc? If so I will most definately order it.

  2. Tina Brown

    I enjoyed the book and was unable to put it down. Interested in seeing what the author comes up with next.

  3. Pamela Marberry

    Great Mommy Porn Book, Sexual, Sensual, Quick read for the woman on the go, not long and drawn out!


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