Michael Collins

authorMICHAEL COLLINS was born in Nashville, TN and is currently serving a 10 year federal prison sentence for a non-violent drug offense. Three Strikes: One Life’s Trilogy will be published in January, 2016.  His previous works include the novels Hamster Wheel Manifesto and Graded Expectations, as well as numerous poems and short stories. He is read across the world and is the winner of Ireland’s prestigious Listowel Writers Week Festival.

The author plans to relocate to the Pacific Northwest after his release in 2017. When not writing, his freedom will be spent contributing to prison reform and seeking alternative sentences for drug users.

For more information visit BOP.gov and search for inmate #32223-074. Correspondence welcome.

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  1. andy Collins

    hey bro if you see this email me. jcollins3831@gmail.com. what happen to you hair?


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